ok, so i started writing this post a looong time ago! the only thing i can remember about january is that my kids and i were sick on and off pretty much the whole month!! i didn’t get on the internet for ANYTHING, much less blogging for weeks!! thankfully, everybody is better *for the moment, anyway…. you know how it is with school-age kids*. SO, here is the post i started writing after in the beginning of january.

something happened to me around the first of january. i never make new year’s resolutions…. it’s so pointless. i think it’s fake… in MY outspoken opinion, people act like they care, but only for one month *IF that*. FOR ME, new year’s is a time of reflection. i think about the year that has passed; what did i do or accomplish, was it a year  well spent?  what can i improve upon?

this year there was one glaring dissapointment in my spinning and knitting life. my lack of uncompleted projects. first, the danish tie shawl from spin-off- my first shawl EVER!! i definatley wanted to spin the yarn for the project but i also decided that i’d process my own fleece for it- a targhee! i had recently bought a pair of mini combs and i thought this would be the perfect first project to use them with!

i was crushed to discover how long it took me to comb a handfull of fluff into a tiny roving ball. especially since the targhee is such a fine fleece, it takes forever to get the neps out. i tried other options *which i’ve talked… or ranted…. about in previous posts at great lengths, i’m sure* nothing really gave me the preparation i was hoping for. the combed fiber was beautiful, of course, but looking back i wish i would have purchased full sized combs so that i could prepare more fiber at once. needless to say, i gave up on the shawl.

then there is my bambigi- otherwise known as gigi from knitty. this was another “first” for me, my first garment. yes, it’s true, for two years i’ve knit many accessories, but have always been a little skittish about knitting a piece of clothing. it started out hopeful enough, it was only the enormously long stretches of stockinette that finally bored me enough to stop knitting on it.

so my non-resolution, more of a realization, is that i will be going back to those projects and whole-heartedly trying to finish them. bambigi will not be hard to finish, i just have to barrel through the stockinette and try not to fall asleep while doing it!!

my solution for the shawl is that i’ll use the targhee fleece for another project, instead, i’ll raid my stash and see what kind of roving i can come up with for it. i’m pretty sure i have enough *without looking at the project specifics, i believe you need 18 ounces* undyed roving to complete the project. and actually, this project has taught me something that i will use for the rest of my spinning life. i’m impatient. *well, i’ve known that for a long time* but i can’t stand waiting  through processing a fleece to start a new project. from now on, i’m only using unprocessed fleece for novelty yarn, or any yarn that i want to be highly textured. for everything else, i’ll have to use processed roving. as much it pains me to say that!! i L-O-V-E raw fleece!!! i can’t pass one up in person without stopping to touch and inspect it. and i love the idea of creating something from the sheep up, but it’s just not for me. i’m heartbroken to admit it, too.