so, this year i told myself i was off the hook- there was no way in hell i would get caught up in the chaos and stress of giving everyone i know handmade gifts. my only current projects: my gigi, which is resting for the time being, waiting for warmer weather and then i started a new scarf, mainly because i couldn’t wait to knit with the yarn! it’s a most enexpected, yet scrumptious half and half blend of alpaca and bamboo in a rich chocolate brown. now if only my sister would have remembered to return my digital camera, i could post a pic….

at thanksgiving, my step mother asked if i could knit a hat for her daughter. but it didn’t have to worry about getting it done in time for christmas, so that was okay. then, on monday, she called me and asked if i could contribute some knitted hats for the children they picked off the angel tree…… how do you say no to something like that?!?!

the truth is, my husband and i have been so broke lately, that we had been unable to even buy christmas presents for OUR kids until yesterday!!! and then there’s the issue of time- they live in the next town over and would need the finished items this sunday! i don’t even have the time to finish my OWN knitting projects!! not to mention i’ve been wanting to make hats for my daughter and my niece, and i haven’t even gotten around to THAT!! but the truth is, if i didn’t do it, i’d feel terrible! i only wish they wouldn’t have waited until the last minute to tell me about it!

oh, and one more dissapointment: i’ll have to make the hats out of red heart super saver…… not my ideal choice of yarn, but there’s really nothing else i can do right now. and since i don’t have ANY hat-size circular needles, i’ll be knitting them flat and seaming them, basing the pattern on a design idea i had while reading the knitter’s almanac. i’ve finished knitting and weaving the ends on the first one *a girl’s hat* , and will soon start knitting the second one *a boy’s hat*. think: “fast knitting”……