yeah! my first post on my *new* blog!!! it’s taken me long enough, i know, but alot of time and effort was put into researching blog sites, signing up and worst of all, setting up the layout and scheme of the blog. that took around three days for the coding challenged blog administrator… *me. and then of course there was the delay of taking pictures but still feeling guilty for posting my first entry with nothing pretty to look at!! and two finished objects at once for me is such a huge deal that i couldn’t let the occassion pass without pictures!


momma's mitered mittens

woohoo! i finally finished my mitered mittens!! and shortly thereafter, my son became very jealous of them. so after 2 mornings of him guilting me into giving him my mittens, i asked him if he wanted a pair of his very own. he excitedly agreed and a trip was made to the local crafts store after school for him to pick his yarn. i would have liked to make his mittens out of (quality) 100% wool yarn, but since it’s already mitten weather here, we couldn’t afford the time it would take to order it online. but the lion brand wool-ease worsted wasn’t as acrylic-y as i thought it may be. he chose a very thrilling SOLID steel-blue yarn. i tried to coax him into a self-striping yarn or even a brighter color, but his mind was made up. 

these were a really quick knit. since this was my second pair, i knew exactly what i was doing, no frogging here! i did a gauge swatch and then multiplied my gauge (per inch) by his hand circumference for my number of stitches to cast on. the miters are worked the same way, and when i came to the thumb gusset, i only increased to 9 stitches. the crucial thing here is the recipient’s hand measurement: the miters are worked until the very tippy-top of the pinky and then you start the decreasing. the easiest way i found to fit the thumb was just to have my son try the mittens on until the thumb was a good length, instead of measuring his thumb length! and there you go- a child’s pair of mitered mittens!

layne's mitered mittens


sorry about the blurry picture, i can never get him to be still for picture-taking!

today was the first day he wore them to school and he was really excited! it’s so nice to see your child appreciate and enjoy something you’ve made for them- it warms the heart! this was the first knit that he “asked” me for.

i’ve been working my poor fingers to the bone lately, so hopefully we’ll have more FO’s to follow very soon! the date of my cousin’s wedding is coming up fast and my fingers are struggling to keep up with the crocheting. my yarn holding hand has been under lots of pressure lately!

i hope everyone’s having a fun, busy *as far as knitting projects go, anyways!* and love-filled thanksgiving weekend!!! i’m off to a celebration of my own!